One-Day Mask

A Disposable Mask with Functional product composition
To protect you from external contamination

Product SizeLarge (195X95mm)
1 box quantity50pcs
Carton box availability20box (1,000pcs)
Carton box Size540*455*295mm
Carton box weight7kg
40 Feet Loading Capacity560carton (4carton*7*20plt)
40 Feet HQ loading capacity640carton(4carton*8*20plt)
NationalityMade in Korea

One-Day Mask


A Comfortable & Safe Disposable Mask

More comfortable with a four-wire
3D structure + Safer with functional product composition

Functional product composition

Thanks to the functional product composition,
the One-Day Mask provides more safety.

The One-day Mask includes functional product composition. It is a thick, non-transparent mask that will safely cover your face. You can easily use this mask wherever & whenever you want! 

Soft Non-Woven Fabric Mask

Uses a breathable non-woven fabric that will feel comfortable when it touches your skin.

The use of a soft, comfortable, and breathable non-woven fabric will ensure a better fit and improved hygiene.

Practical Design

The mask is designed to emphasize a comfortable fit and better practicality.

Functional product composition enables effective prevention of contamination. It also has a built-in nose support that allows the mask to stick perfectly to the shape of your face, and the FOUR-LINE 3D WRINKLES will ensure a comfortable fit. 

Approved by Numerous Certification Bodies through Multiple Tests

PH/Formaldehyde/Arylamine-Free product (certified through multiple tests) It is a safe, reliable product that have passed rigorous quality control inspections.

KOTITI Test Results

SGS Test Results (Radioactive Testing)

SGS Test Results (VOCs Test)

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001


ISO 10993 



EU registration

ISO22609 Type IIR

ASTM level 2

Daily Production

1 FACTORYA171,300,000195x95mm (LARGE)
2 FACTORYA151,300,000182x95mm (MEDIUM)
3 FACTORYA151,250,000182x95mm (MEDIUM)
4 FACTORYA201,000,000145x90mm (SMALL)
Whole materials

Polypropylene felt (outer felt), melt brown felt (MB filter), polypropylene felt (inner felt),
polypropylene wire (nose side), polyurethane/nylon(hairband)

Pieces by one package

LARGE (195x95mm) 50 pcs

MEDIUM (182x95mm) 50 pcs

How to storeRoom temperatureExpiration date36 months from the date of production
Country of originRepublic of Korea
Refund and changeWhere the customer buys
SellerDSK GLOBAL 181, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of KoreaManufacturerSY Industry Inc.